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How To Make Kombucha At Home Easily

How To Make Kombucha At Home Easily – Kombucha is a fermented tea that well known originated in China since 2.000 years ago. It has lots of health benefits. Do you know about its taste? It’s fizzy, sour, sweet at the same time and can be flavored in any kind of fun ways. Kombucha has many benefits, such as probiotics that can help improve the digestion, anti-bacterial and can make the level blood sugar is stable, also provides energy, break down fats and regulate the cholesterol among the other.

How To Make Kombucha At Home EasilyKombucha is a good drink for our health, but it is quite expensive if you buy it every day. It can spend about $ 3.50 – $ 5.00 a bottle, then can add up to $30 a week. That’s so expensive and wasting much money right? The best solution that you can do is making it by yourself at home. So, how to make Kombucha at Home easily? Just check the information below.

How To Make Kombucha At Home Easily

The first step how to make kombucha at Home easily is gathered your ingredients. Prepare all the tools and ingredients that you will need, like SCOBY, a big glass jar, high quality black or green tea, organic sugar, cotton cloth that cover the jar or ceramic crock, rubber band, and also teapot to boil the water.

The second steps how to make kombucha at home easily is putting the ingredients together. Make sure that the ingredients mixed well and do it procedurally. Combine the hot water and sugar in a glass, stir it until the sugar dissolves. Place the green or black tea in the sugar water to steep. Just wait and bottle it to go to the next step.

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Then, you can use Flip Top Bottles to bottle the kombucha. That is really so good, because they hold in the gas that really well and often make a very bubble drink. So, the bottle will give extra carbonation for the kombucha. You also can bottle the plain kombucha and add fruit flavor to make it taste better.

You can use the kombucha brewing jar by Mortier Pilon, which can make your kombucha tea so easy to place and store in the same container. This jar also has an amazing feature, a re-writable label that you can use to mark your brewing dates.

That’s all the information about how to make kombucha at home easily. You can make kombucha by yourself, and even the ingredients can be found easily in your kitchen or refrigerator. So, do you wanna try to make it ?

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