Tips for Overcoming Hair Lice in Children

Tips for Overcoming Hair Lice in Children  – Lice are one of the main problems that are often felt by the community, especially children in developing countries such as Indonesia. Most young children here have the same problem with their hair, which is an infestation that makes itchy and very irritating. In addition, fleas can easily spread from one child to another. So that children who have ticks are generally shunned by their peers.

Flea is a bully insect the size of a sesame seed that has six legs and is dark in color. Fleas will suck the blood of the child they are in so they feel itchy on the head or more precisely the scalp. If you have nested and feel comfortable in the child’s hair, the lice will produce eggs that are oval-shaped and brown in color. This egg will look like dandruff but stick to the base – the base of the hair.

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tips to overcome head lice in children

Most of the people of Indonesia, consider that lice are a problem related to the environment and lack of hygiene. In fact, thinking like this is wrong thinking. Because, in fact the child’s hair is often washed or shampooed can not prevent fleas to nest in his hair. Therefore, for parents whose children have lice problems, here are tips to overcome head lice in children

Tips for Overcoming Hair Lice in Children

  1. Soak Hair Equipment in Alcohol

Fleas can stick to combs, headbands, hats, hair clips, or other hair accessories. Before using these hair accessories, it’s good if you first soak the hair accessories in the alcohol for a few minutes. This can kill the lice and the eggs that are attached to the hair equipment.

  1. Combing Hair When It’s Wet

Eggs – lice eggs in the child’s hair, will be easier to decompose if you comb them while still wet. Therefore, this method is one of the most effective ways to stop the proliferation of lice in children’s hair.

In addition, avoid using a hair dryer on children’s hair after shampooing. This can make ticks move from one place to another. It’s good if you use natural methods by drying your child in the sun. This method can also kill fleas in the child’s hair.

  1. Use Flea Medication

If it is not enough, you can give flea medication to your child. However, you need to be careful because lice are sold freely containing extracts of chrysanthemums or other synthetic ingredients.

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